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LD at peace
Life has not always gone the way I expected or would even like it to go. I’ve had many ups and many downs throughout my life. There have been circumstances in my life that have been hard to overcome or let go. My white picket fence dream for where I should be in my career, family and spirituality has definitely gone off my set track.

But I will never give up. God has not brought me this far to stop cause the road isn’t easy. 

 “If you ain’t growing, you ain’t living.”

2015 has been really tough, even though from the outside looking in I seem on point (good job, great friends and family, adventures and so much more). But a valuable life lesson I had to learn was to always make sure I leave room to work on myself. No one else will help you if you can’t help yourself first.

forestMost things we show or post for others to see is only telling half the real story. It won’t show loneliness within a marriage or alone or struggles with addictions or self-worth, or even brokenness from your past or present living. 

So I decided to walk a different path in life, trust God more and show others my flaws to be a light on the path for someone, because it’s not the destination but the journey there that is most important.